Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to School!

The Center started off the 10-11 school year with the addition of 5 computers donated from LECOM, bringing our total number of internet-ready computers to 10! Thank you to LECOM for their generous donation!!

(Our new computer area)

We also opened with a new pool table, a new arts and crafts area, and several new pieces of furniture!

(New Pool Table and our Ping Pong Table)

(New Crafts/Small Group area!)

(Hangout/Movie area #1)

(Hangout/Movie area #2)

We are still desperately looking for a volunteer for our Basketball court!! If you know of someone over 21 who is willing to volunteer - even one afternoon a month, even for a couple hours - PLEASE contact Julie at 756-5087, by commenting on our blog, or by e-mail (

Our first day back to school, we had 32 students register, and as of today (Thursday), we have over 40 students registered! We're off to a great start!!

See you at The Center!


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