Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fair week!!

Welcome to all of our new visitors who found our URL on the brochures we're distributing at the Albion Area Fair this week! I hope you'll find our temporary site (the blog) easy to navigate and full of useful information. We hope to have a permanent site up shortly.

The Center is closed this week due to the fair. The activity bus will not pick up from The Center again until Monday. If you've left a backpack/purse/jacket at The Center and need to get it this week, call 756-5087 and leave a number to call you back at - I will be checking the machine daily.

Speaking of the fair.....We're once again sponsoring KIDS' GAMES @ THE ALBION FAIR 6-7pm! The publication on-site has the hours wrong, but we've put up signs and are having announcements made. Hope to see you there! If you're in middle or high school and would like to help out, be at the tennis courts by 5:45.

NEXT WEEK - We resume our School-year hours. We delayed these until after the fair this year and had a successful first few weeks. Due to the increase in the amount of students we get per day, we will once again be splitting nights between middle and high school students, except for Fridays.

NEW HOURS (effective Monday, Sept. 21):
Monday - HIGH SCHOOL - 2:30-6pm
Tuesday - MIDDLE SCHOOL - 2:30-6pm
Wednesday - HIGH SCHOOL - 2:30-7pm - Journey pick-up begins Sept. 23
Thursday - MIDDLE SCHOOL - 2:30-7pm - Light Force pick-up begins Sept. 24
Friday - COMBINED - 2:30-6pm

Please make sure you are only coming on days scheduled for your age group. We will not be allowing high school students on middle school nights (with the exception of the youth council volunteers), and middle school students will not be allowed in on high school nights. We will not be issuing activity bus passes for students who are not in our permitted age group for that night.

Just a quick reminder: If you are riding the activity bus, you MUST be at The Center by 4:30pm. Students who arrive at 5 or 5:30 expecting to catch the bus will not be issued bus passes. The activity bus pick-up is ONLY for students who are participating in Center activities.

See you Monday (high schoolers) and Tuesday (middle schoolers)!!

If you see me at the fair, feel free to say hi!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Youth Council Starts Today!!!

ATTN: Students in grades 6-12!

Tonight will be our first informational meeting for the 2009-2010 Youth Council. We will start at 6pm and will end between 6:30 and 6:45. If you are unable to make the meeting, but would still like to be involved, please see Julie for an application and important information.

We need your help to make The Center your place.

See you this afternoon!