Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What We Need - *Updated for Spring!*

I have been asked lately what the youth center's needs are, and I would like to update our previous list, as some of the things we'd needed over winter are no longer an issue!

Volunteer Needs:
*Gym Volunteer - Supervise gym area, enforce behavioral standards, and referee games.
*Community Service Volunteer - Supervise small groups of students in community service activities
*Homework/Mentor Volunteer - Work with students to improve their grades and help guide them through life experiences.
*Digital Photography Volunteer - Supervise small groups of students and instruct them on the basics of digital photography. We will provide the cameras!

We are also looking for volunteers who would be willing to help with sign-in and sign-out, cleaning, music (we have many students who would like to learn an instrument, or who would like to refine their skills, but cannot afford lessons), arts and crafts (we have a kiln and ceramics, but we need someone who can work with the students), and many other interests. Help share your skills with the next generation! Volunteers must be 21+ and have state police and childline clearances. Contact Julie at 756-5087 if you're interested in helping!

Snack Needs:
*Lemonade Mix
*Peanut Butter
*Fresh fruits (bananas, grapes, and apples are always a big hit) and veggies (they love carrots with veggie dip!)
*Chips, pretzels, cookies, or any other 'snack-y' food
*Any homemade treats
*Plates, cups, napkins, paper towels, bowls, and plastic silverware.
*Other snacks (if you have questions, please contact me!)

We are also looking for several people to take turns providing something more substantial on Wednesday and Thursday nights, when many of our students arrive at the Youth Center after school, and stay until they are picked up for Journey and Light Force at 6:30pm. These students won't arrive home until after 9pm. If you would like to sign up for a week, please contact Julie at 756-5087

Material Needs:
*PG-13 or lower used movies - DVD or VHS.
*Books, especially fiction, for teenagers. Used books are welcome!
*Used PS2 video games, memory cards and controllers.
*Any puzzles, games, or craft activites suitable for teenagers
*Ping-pong, Pool, Air Hockey or Foosball supplies
*Crayons, Markers, Construction Paper, Pencils, Pens, Colored Pencils and other art supplies
*Copy paper, Scissors, File folders, Notebook paper (for homework) and other Office Supplies

If you are disposing of exercise equipment, computer equipment, video game consoles, TVs, or any other items you think may be of service to the Youth Center, please consider donating to our center.

Thank you for all of your support! Let's keep up this momentum!