Monday, February 8, 2010

Spring Cleaning....A little early!

This past Saturday (Feb. 6) board members and volunteers joined together to give the Youth Center a good Spring cleaning and repair a few things. One of the main improvements that occurred this weekend is running water in the kitchen! Byron was able to get our new sink all set up, and we will now be able to make drinks for students on-site (kool-aid, gatorade, lemonade, etc) without having to spend as much money. We were also able to get hand sanitizer, soap, paper towel and toilet paper dispensers hung. We are making progress on the gym, and hope to be able to open soon (thanks to the donation of gym padding from the Federated church)!

In addition to the ongoing renovation projects, we also had a team of volunteers who re-assembled our fallen pool table, mopped, swept and vaccuumed the floor, cleaned the windows, cut new carpet for the entryway, rearranged equipment, and overall gave the place a thorough scrubbing!

Here are some post-cleaning pictures:

A big "THANK YOU!" to everyone who helped! We'll post more pictures soon!
-Julie, Director

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