Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to School!

Yesterday - Wednesday, August 26 - was the first day back for the students at Northwestern! As the students came in yesterday, they filled out new registration forms for the 09-10 school year. These forms provide important contact information, verify that the students are within our school district, and list the rules of the center and consequences for breaking the rules so students understand our expectations of them. On our first school day of the year, we had 35 students! This is a major improvement over our numbers when we opened last year! Students were invited to join Julie at The Center to help celebrate her birthday with ice cream and cookies.

As we start the new year, we are also starting some new projects at The Center. This year will be the first year for our Youth Council, and we welcome any student interested in participating should plan to attend the informational meeting at 6pm on Tuesday, Sept. 1. Students involved in the Youth Council will work on fundraising and programming ideas, and will be a voice for the other students at The Center to provide input and new ideas.

We are also working towards having a Camera Club. Our grant bought us a few digital cameras and memory cards, and students are welcome to bring their own. We will be going over the basics of photography and editing, and taking some trips around town to explore and take pictures. Look for more information after the Fair!

This fall also kicks off many opportunities for Community Service! Do you need community service hours for a scholarship or National Honor Society? Do you have required Community Service hours? Do you want to show leadership skills and character on a job application or college resume? Need a reference? The Youth Center is looking into multiple community service options available to teens and already have several opportunities lined up. Interested in helping your community? Contact Julie for details!

Construction Update!! Work on our new bathroom is nearly complete, and the kitchen isn't far behind! The office just needs some staining and lighting fixtures and it will be done as well! Our basketball court is still in the works - we need to get our backboard and hoop mounted, and get the new lights hung before we can play in there! It should be done soon, though...hang in there!

Need a Ride? Students who live outside of walking distance from the school and youth center can now ride the Activity Bus home from The Center. This service will ONLY be for students who attend the Middle or High School and who have been at The Center for the afternoon - you will not be permitted to ride if you only come to The Center to catch the bus. This service will start Monday, Aug. 31. The busses will pick up from The Center at 5:30. You will need a note from Julie to ride the Activity Bus, so contact her for details.


Aug 28 - Football Scrimmage @ Northwestern (v. Oil City) - 6:00pm
Aug 29 - Spirit Night and Dance - 6:30pm
Aug 31 - Activity Bus route starts from Youth Center - 5:30pm
Sept 1 - Youth Council informational meeting - 6pm @ The Center
Sept 15-19 - Albion Area Fair - Center will be closed this week for kids' games at the Fair!
Sept 19 - Albion Fair Parade! If you want to be on our float, contact Julie!
Sept 21 - FALL HOURS RESUME (See Julie if you have questions - hours will be posted)
Sept 23 - JOURNEY RESUMES at Federated Church. Pickup @ The Center ~6:30pm
Sept 24 - LIGHT FORCE RESUMES @ Federated Church. Pickup @ Center ~6:30pm

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